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The Photos you gave us will serve as a warm memory of the time spent with you last weekend. We usually look for new places to visit, but the Brandy House is one where we would definitely love to come back one day. We wish you much success and lots of happy guests. All the very best for now...................Genia & Natasha

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Be honest about your skills- how is your map reading?
Its a different experience whether you choose to navigate yourself or ride with a guide.  We offer both options and hopefully our Navigation Tips will be useful for you whether you ride with Your horse Adventures or not. 


Landranger or Explorer? 


Be sure to get the map that is 'fit for purpose' with the level of detail you need!

There are different types of mapping in the UK, Ordnance survey being the most widely used:

Landrangers (Pink) or 1:50000

Explorers (Orange) 1:25000

The scale tells you how much the land has been scaled down to fit on the paper.  If it is 1:50000 then everything on the map will be 50000 times smaller than it is in reality.

Explorer maps consequently have much more detail (such as fence boundaries) than the landrangers ... perfect if you are counting boundaries before your next change in direction on an un-waymarked route!

The key symbols differ between the different map scales: for example a public right of way on an Explorer is green and on a Landranger it is red!

It important to note that footpaths marked in black are not necessarily public rights of way!

We always ride with 1:25000 mapping and would not recommend anyone rode with anything less detailed.  For our self-guided riders we provide you with 1:25000 marked routes.

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