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Dear Medina and Karen, at last a very belated but absolutely HUGE THANK YOU for the wonderful trip across Wales, It all feels like a long time ago now.............But I do want to say thank you. It was a really fabulous holiday , made perfect by the planning, attention to detail and excellent leadership that you both brought to it. I felt safe and cared for as well as challenged and respected. Thank you both hugely. It was wonderful to re-live it all with the photos. I like the ones with one black ear in them best and I loved remembering Karen peering back with a grin and a camera to get the shots of the back of the ride.....what a wonderful time. Did I say thank you? Ah well, I expect you guessed that is what I wanted to say. Bless you both and here's to the next time.

lots of love Viv (and thank you)

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What to Pack 

We hope that the weather will be kind to you but we cant guarantee it so please prepare for all sorts.  Layers are ideal and make sure you pack waterproofs!.

For You

  • Jodhpurs or long trousers.

  • Waterproof/windproof jacket and trousers

  • Short riding boots or ride/walk boots. Please bear in mind you will probably be walking some of the way and so you do need boots that are comfortable to walk in.

  • Chaps

  • Gloves

  • Long sleeved shirt and/or T shirts,

  • Warm clothing/Fleece .  We find that several layers works better than one thick layer

  • Underwear. Cycling shorts are good for long days in the saddle.

  • Fluorescent tabard.

  • Riding hat

  • Head torch

To take with you on the trail

  • Map case and compass if travelling without a guide

  • Halter /headcollar and rope to ride with so you can tie up at lunch time if you want to.

To put in your saddlebags

  • Sun cream

  • Small unbreakable thermos and water bottle

  • Camera, film, batteries and binoculars..

  • String and a penknife

  • Cable ties (great for mending tack)

  • Hoof pick

  • Fly repellent

  • Torch

  • First aid kit for both horse and human to go in your saddlebag. (we would recommend carrying some in your bum bag and some in your saddle bags

  • Extra layers of clothing.  You need to have a system for either tying extra clothes or waterproofs onto your saddle or putting them into your saddle bags.  Football laces are great for tying things to the ‘d’ rings on your saddles or things on top of your saddle bags

  • You need to allow space in your saddle bag to fit your packed lunch each day.

Bum bag

We recommend that you wear a bum bag with essentials.  Things you want to be able to get to on the move and also things that you will need should you and your horse part company!

  • Mobile phone

  • Small amount of cash

  • Lip salve

  • Snacks/sweets

To go with the luggage ferry

For you

  • Your spare riding clothes

  • Personal toiletries.

  • Casual clothes for evening.

  • Trainers or comfortable shoes for evening.

  • Chargers and batteries for cameras & mobile phones

  • Some of your accommodation is licensed so you can purchase drinks and where it isn't licensed you are welcome to bring drinks that can travel with the luggage ferry.

For your horse

  • Tack cleaning kit / re conditioning should saddles etc get wet.

  • Spare numnahs

  • Bandages/boots

  • Grooming kit.

  • Fly repellent

  • Hoof pick

  • Hay & hay net as required (if you are using a licensed haulier for your journey home they do not supply hay)

  • Horse feed

  • Feed buckets

  • Rugs , cooler and waterproof.

  • Travel boots etc if you are not ending your ride at Brandy House and are using horse transport to get back – eg from the beach

  • Horse Passports 

 Riding hats are mandatory. Please ensure that it conforms to BHS requirements (PAS015, BSEN1384).

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