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The Photos you gave us will serve as a warm memory of the time spent with you last weekend. We usually look for new places to visit, but the Brandy House is one where we would definitely love to come back one day. We wish you much success and lots of happy guests. All the very best for now...................Genia & Natasha

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Prepare your horse

Your horse and you need to be fit enough to cope with a daily ride of between 13 and 20 miles over varied terrain.  And although you do not need to be fit enough to cover the ground at a mad gallop you do both need to have the stamina to be out all day. You will be on the trail for 6 – 8 hours (with breaks!) so you need to be sure that neither your tack nor saddle bags are going to slip or rub and you may want to consider a seat saver for yourself! We would recommend that in your preparation for the ride you ride regularly with your packed saddlebags and that you have done a couple of long days in the saddle so it is not too much of a ‘shock to the system’.

Getting a farrier on the trail is a challenge and whilst we have names and contact details of local farriers it is no guarantee that you can have a shoe replaced at short notice. So please make sure that your horses feet / shoes are in good condition and it might be worth carrying a shoof boot just incase you do cast a shoe and have a long way to get back to civilisation.

Although most of  our riding is off road, your horse should be calm in traffic, as some road work is unavoidable - most of the roads in this area are very quiet - you may meet lorries and tractors and there are very occasional main road crossings. On the ride across Wales there is a short section through Borth on the last day to get to the beach so will meet traffic there.

Grazing is provided at the end of each days riding and if you have booked a stable then bedding will be provided.  However you will need to bring whatever hard feed that you will need. It will be moved around with the luggage ferry.

You will be totally responsible for attending to your own horses’ feeding, grooming and tacking up. Please note you will be expected to muck out your own stable and/or pooh pick your paddock at some of the accommodation that we use. 

If you want to rug your horse, these will be forwarded with your luggage.

Your horse must be fully insured and wormed, and its' vaccinations must be up to date, for both tetanus and equine influenza. For those of you using our horse transport service you will need to bring their horse passports.

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