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Finally catching up with my emails since getting back from wales! Thank you for sending these photos - they are a great reminder of our exciting first moments of our expedition!! Thank you once again for organising our wonderful holiday - it really was the best time I have spent with my horse Rocky and we cant wait to embark on another riding holiday!! We also met some lovely people along the way I will be recommending you trans-wales trip to every horsey person I meet and encourage them to give the self guided route a go as it was truly brilliant and gave a real sense of achievement in making it to each overnight stop along the way!!

Thank you again..............Sarah and Rocky

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Relax & Enjoy

Think about what you need to do in your preparation before your trail ride to enable you both to find relaxation and fun

Are you and your horse fit enough?

Do you have the right equipment - have you tried and tested it?

Do you have good navigation skills or do you need to brush up or book a guide?

Can you both handle the unexpected?

Think about what you can do one the trail ride to enable you to find relaxation and fun

Vary your pace

Reward your horse with occasional rest stops to have a munch of grass

Reward yourself with an occasional snack

If conditions and time allow then a good hour for lunch gives horse and human time to eat and doze.

Even if  the horses are strangers to each other it doesn't usually take them more than a couple of days riding the trail to feel part of the same herd and they will usually turn out together quite happily at the end of the day.

Turning out at the end of the day eases tired and stiff muscles as does getting off and walking a short way, Turning out into a nice paddock will give them a chance to relax and being able to roam and graze will help them wear off any stiffness and rehydrate on the grass

Remember to look at the view along the way!

Med and Karen often get off and walk the first and last mile of the day to cool down and warm up

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