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Finally catching up with my emails since getting back from wales! Thank you for sending these photos - they are a great reminder of our exciting first moments of our expedition!! Thank you once again for organising our wonderful holiday - it really was the best time I have spent with my horse Rocky and we cant wait to embark on another riding holiday!! We also met some lovely people along the way I will be recommending you trans-wales trip to every horsey person I meet and encourage them to give the self guided route a go as it was truly brilliant and gave a real sense of achievement in making it to each overnight stop along the way!!

Thank you again..............Sarah and Rocky

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Ride Across Wales

6 day ride from £650 per person .. 
see 2017 rates 

The ultimate experience; The X-Wales ride is a 6 day ride from the English border to the welsh coast over approximately 80 miles of absolutely wonderful country. The mileage is between 12 and 16 miles each day. A mileage that is nothing in endurance terms, this ride is more of an expedition as it meanders day after day through gorgeous remote countryside. It is more than possible to extend this into a 11 day ride by riding all the way back too as some intrepid explorers have done. It rides totally differently in reverse offering a different perspective on the Cambrian Mountains, and saves you the lorry ride back from the beach.

You will ride through varied and hilly terrain, across open hills, rolling pasture, farmland, ancient drover’s trails and sheltered lanes. The Glyndwr’s way features often throughout the ride and we use some stretches of the Prince Llewellyn Ride. Throughout your ride you are likely to see Red kites, Buzzards wild ponies and of course plenty of sheep. It is quite possible however to not see another person for a whole day other than your hosts, and you only have 3 main road crossings! The ride finishes with a fabulous 3 mile ride up the beach to the nature reserve at Ynyslas where transport will meet you and your horse to return to the Brandy House.  You can of course make arrangements for your own transport home  - or why not consider riding 5 days back to Brandy House, as some intrepid explorers have done?  

Day 1 -  16 miles or 21 miles

The shorter option rides over rolling pastures, quiet lanes and forestry whereas the longer day will take you over higher open country 

Day 2 - 14 miles

Over some lovely country and into the village of Llangurig with an overnight pub stop

Day 3 - 14 miles

Along lovely long grassy bridle paths to reach the Hafren forest which you ride through to spend your night in the midst of the forest.

Day 4 - 15 miles

Over high country round the foothills of Plynlimon to stay the night at a traditional welsh hill farm

Day 5 - 15.5 or 13 miles

Along spectacular ridges with stunning views of the mountains of south Snowdonia.  You get your first glimpse of the sea on this day and maybe an opportunity for a penultimate celebratory drink as you stay in Talybont. The 13 mile route  gives you a shorter option and does not go over such high ground initially.

Day 6 – 7 miles

A gentle ride to Borth, and then 3 miles along the beach.

People normally arrive at Brandy house on the Saturday to start their ride on the Sunday and return on the Friday but this doesn’t have to be the case. We generally recommend arriving at the beach on a mid-week day as it can be busy at the weekend – especially on a nice sunny day in the School holidays.  

To access the beach the tide needs to be low so this ride is only available when the tides times suit.

Day 7 - 11 - The Ultimate Experience

Retrace your steps back to the English border having ridden approx 160 miles of absolutely wonderful country. The route rides totally differently each way offering varying perspectives of the Cambrian mountains

6 day ride from £650 per person .. 

11 day ride from £1199 per person ..

see 2017 rates 

Please contact us for a personalised quote based on your specific requirements

Disclaimer: Distances are approximate and routes constantly evolving and subject to change.

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