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Dear Medina and Karen, at last a very belated but absolutely HUGE THANK YOU for the wonderful trip across Wales, It all feels like a long time ago now.............But I do want to say thank you. It was a really fabulous holiday , made perfect by the planning, attention to detail and excellent leadership that you both brought to it. I felt safe and cared for as well as challenged and respected. Thank you both hugely. It was wonderful to re-live it all with the photos. I like the ones with one black ear in them best and I loved remembering Karen peering back with a grin and a camera to get the shots of the back of the ride.....what a wonderful time. Did I say thank you? Ah well, I expect you guessed that is what I wanted to say. Bless you both and here's to the next time.

lots of love Viv (and thank you)

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Ride the Radnor Hills

From £230 per person 

The Radnorshire Hills are hidden between Snowdonia to the North and the Brecon Beacons to the South and offer world class riding over un-exploited countryside. Rides all start and finish at the Brandy House, Your Horse Adventures’ HQ. With the network you have lots of flexibility with short cuts or route extensions on many of the rides. This allows you to be flexible en-route depending on how your horses are going, how you are going and what the weather is doing!   We can offer you petal rides from each of our accommodation bases as well as the Brandy House. These vary in length so that you can combine trail riding with returning to base riding and plan your own itineries from 2 to 8 days.  Great for experienced trail riders who enjoy the challenge of riding over superb country for days at a time to  those of you new to trail riding or with young or inexperienced horses wanting to do just a few miles and take your time.

2 Centre Riding Holidays (2-6 days)

3 Centre Riding Holidays (2-8 days)

Petal Rides available from each accommodation centre

Please contact us for a personalised quote based on your specific requirements

Disclaimer: Distances are approximate and routes constantly evolving and subject to change

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