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Dear Medina and Karen, at last a very belated but absolutely HUGE THANK YOU for the wonderful trip across Wales, It all feels like a long time ago now.............But I do want to say thank you. It was a really fabulous holiday , made perfect by the planning, attention to detail and excellent leadership that you both brought to it. I felt safe and cared for as well as challenged and respected. Thank you both hugely. It was wonderful to re-live it all with the photos. I like the ones with one black ear in them best and I loved remembering Karen peering back with a grin and a camera to get the shots of the back of the ride.....what a wonderful time. Did I say thank you? Ah well, I expect you guessed that is what I wanted to say. Bless you both and here's to the next time.

lots of love Viv (and thank you)

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Routes and Maps

Bring your horse on holiday with Your Horse Adventures with hundreds of miles of mapped routes with supporting route descriptions

Bring you own horse on holiday and discover real hidden gems of beautiful countryside that are often un-way marked and off the beaten track route finding in these parts can be interesting. If you enjoy the challenge of route finding, are happy with a map and compass, then ride self-guided with our maps and descriptions to discover these parts for yourself.

We provide laminated map sheets marked with the suggested route and laminated route notes to support the map for you to use through your ride.  They are designed to fit into a map case suitable for A4 size maps which you need to bring with you. We use OS explorer maps 1:25,000 scale and would not recommend riding in the area with anything less.  

If map reading isn’t your thing then why not think about riding with one of us. We know the country well and can share with you some of our great riding through our guided service which enables you to enjoy the riding without the worry of finding your way! We also then have the flexibility of taking you on routes that we don’t give our self-guided guests as they are simply too difficult to find and rely on local knowledge.

All our rides start at the Brandy House near Knighton where you can safely leave your vehicle and where we will talk through the route with you.  All except the Cross Wales Ride are circular. Petal rides are also available at the majority of our accommodation enabling you to stay at one base for more than one night and get to know the area in more depth. 

Please contact us for a personalised quote based on your specific requirements

Disclaimer: Distances are approximate and routes constantly evolving and subject to change

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